Welcome to the Houses of Dutch (Huizen van het Nederlands)!

In Flanders and Brussels there are eight Houses of Dutch: 5 provincial Houses (one for each of the 5 Flemish provinces) and 3 urban Houses (Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels). The Houses of Dutch are independent non-profit-making organizations formed in collaboration between all the providers of Dutch as a second language (DSL) in the area of operation.

The Houses of Dutch helps non-native speakers who wish to acquire or improve a knowledge of Dutch. In concrete terms this means that a House of Dutch adviser will talk with a potential student and perhaps provide a number of tests. They then advise the non-native speaker on the course most suited to their needs.

The House of Dutch does not itself provide language courses, but does have a comprehensive view of the DSL courses available in its area. Referals are not to one school; the potential student is informed of all the possibilities that match his or her profile.

Just click on the province or city where you live to find out where the House of Dutch of your region is located.

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